American Civil War

As with earlier time periods, it is important to consider more than the obvious variables when choosing a hat for your impression. We don’t just make hats without understanding the reasons for these details, so, if you’re in doubt, ask your group’s uniform or costuming specialist, or speak with Bill directly.

Headwear styles seemed to change about every decade, and one needs to consider the movement geographically of these styles. Where are you, when are you, and who are you are three important question to ask yourself. The easiest choice would to be very versatile and generic. We’ll attempt to guide you here a little, especially when you attempt to portray the American Civil War.

Civil War Military Suggestions
Confederate Generic--C19 in tan, brown, gray, or black. This has a distressed, or broken in look, commonly referred to as a beehive. (I coined this term a long time ago as a euphemism for the distressed look. Boy, what a mistake!) Stay away from forage caps. Try for an agricultural look. 

Federal Generic—US20 LJ&I forage cap or a plain, unadorned Hardee hat (US8). Stay away from the kepi or the civilian look, as these are not issue or regulation. Officers, too, had guidelines but much more latitude in their choices. But then, by the time you’re an officer, you should have enough knowledge of your impression to know what to choose.

Our first grouping shows some of our numerous custom pieces while out stock pieces are further below. If you want to jump down to them, you may click on

 National Government (North) Federal      States Rights (South) Confederate      Civilian

National Government (North) Federal

picture of US Campaign Hat
Burnside Campaign Hat


Berdan Cap
m.1858 or 1861 Hardee Hat (Enlisted or Officer's Models)
Zouave Fez (Many Styles Available)

U.S. LJI Type 1 cap
us kepi
us officer's hardee hat
14th Brooklyn Officer's Kepi
U.S. McDowell Cap
U.S. Officer's Private Purchase Cap
type 2 LJ & I
1861 Garibaldi Hat, Enlisted Model

m.1861 or m. 1864 Light Artillery Shako US15
1861 Whipple Hat, New England States Issue

Gray Hardee used by Cincinnati Troops circa 1861


  States Rights (South) Confederate

C.S. Officer's Version of U.S. m.1858 Dress HatCS1
C. S. Homespun Kepi with Oilcloth Visor CS2   CS3 V. M. I. Cadet Oilcloth Cap CS4 CS5 Longstreet Hat (Movie Version) CS6

C. S. Navy Officer's Cap CS7 C. S. Navy Seaman's Cap with White cover and Pillow CS9 C. S. Version of U. S. m. 1858 Forage Cap CS10 C. S. Version of U. S. m. 1858 Hardee Hat CS11 C. S. Version of U. S. McDowell Cap CS12


Mosby C4 High BeehiveC2 Dirty Billy Special with Medium Beehive C3 low crown beehiveC42 Lady's Spoon HatC5
Pillbox C6 BowlerC7 Sugarloaf FarmerC8 Low BowlerC10 Dirty Billy with Sugarloaf Crown
Booth HatC12 Pale RiderC13 John BullC15 Mechanic's Hat (Variety of Fabrics Available)C17 Bell Crown Top Hat C18
Beehive FarmerC19 Sam ClarkC20 Stetson's 1860 Boss of the Plains Cowboy HatC21 1860s Pork Pie
DerbyC24 1860 Top Hat with Close BrimC28 Lady's Riding Top Hat C32 1850s Low CrownC33  1850s Low Crown, Wide BrimC34