US Enlisted Uniform Dress Hats

image of US Infantry dresshat image of US Steward Dress Hat Image of uS Cavalry Dress Hat
image of us infantry hat

*Infantry Hats were always folded on the left until 1868. All other branches of services were folded on the right.                                            

The model 1858 dress hat commonly called a hardee hat by reenactors, began in 1855 as a cavalry hat, which included a chin strap and draped with cords.

55 cavalry hat
image of US Infantry dresshat

A representative of our national government, Mr. Charles
Semner, while visiting Denmark, saw the Danish Cavalry
wearing a hat complete with plumes and chin straps, which impressed him. Upon his return, he heartily suggested what became the US Army Dress hat as an alternative to the slow
to make and uncomfortable to wear M1854 Shako.

The crown shape block for the 1855 hat, as well as other variations, continued through 1872. Termed the M1858 Army hat, variations included height of crown from 5.5 to 6.5 inches and brim widths from 2.75 to 3.5 inches, with two rows of stitches on the outside edge of the brim and black oil cloth or painted cloth interior crown reinforcement.
             Image of 55 US Dress hat          
interior of us dress hat labels

The labels above are three common labels found in original hats. 
interior of us dress hat

Image of US Dress Hat with crease
Western units preferred the Army Hat over the forage cap. The hat underwent wide varieties of personalization. The center crease (left) and the telescope (right) were the most common.
image of telescoped US Dress Hat
us dress hat 55

artillery us dress hat
dragoon us dress hat

infantry us dress hat
cavalry us dress hat
steward us dress hat
ordinance us dress hat

mounted rifle us dress hat
Mounted Rifle
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